Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dish 1

It's moi again, Sophie, where do I begin... well, here I am at 4 weeks old. My mother gave birth to 6 of us and yes, I was the smallest and the weakest. My birth mother was too busy to make sure I was fed enough just like the rest of my siblings, so I think everyone thought my chances of survival were minimal. This is when Maria came to my rescue, I remember that day like it was yesterday. She came in and took me in her arms and said, "OMG she is the most beautiful puppy I have ever seen, yes, I want her, I will make sure she survives." She smacked her lips on my head and that day I learned that the loud noise on my tiny ears was called a human kiss. ( I lost count but I think I get 50-60 kisses a day, love is something that Maria has in abundance and shares with me everyday.)

Living With Maria for the first time was so different, she fed me puppy milk every 3 hours, she kept me warm and she often spoke to me of so many things that I could not understand then as well as I do now. She had no problem sharing everything with me like her big, soft and beautiful bed with all those beaded pillows, so different than my experience with my bothers and sisters. Now that I was Living with Maria I didn't have to fight for space or food. I knew in a short time that I would enjoy Living with Maria.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Dish

It's moi - Sophie Laurens - I'm a four-year old Bijan Frise Living With Maria! Let me tell you it's not easy.

Stick with me and I'll share the latest dish on Maria - hehehe!